The Boxer's Ghost Pinot Noir 2022 



It was the 1800s and after a day at the horse track (now The Devil’s Hollow Vyd), an unofficial boxing match broke out. Bets were placed and the ‘wrong man’ won. He was never seen again (alive at least…).


Winemaker's Notes


  • Soils are a combination of lacustrine silty clay for the more structured masculine fruit, and lacustrine silty clay over clay loam till for the more feminine fruit.
  • Fermented in stainless steel in conjunction with oak using pulse-air to gently manage the cap and colour.
  • Vineyards are not a monoculture, wildlife corridors are preserved.
  • Sustainably grown under SWO.
  • Further aged with European oak for 6+ months.


The Merry Widow Rosé 2023



The Merry Widow Rosé is a colourful wine (not just because of the vibrant colour, but also because of the "lively" family history). Living to the ripe old age of 44 yrs, 6 mths and 22 days, Catharine out-lived her philandering husband Henry who had a secret love-child with a lady Snurr in the next village. Catharine forgave Henry but we imagine her doing a little dance after his 'sudden' passing.


Winemaker's Notes


  • A light strawberry pink colour with aromas of fresh cherries. Flavours of red cherry and tropical fruits.
  • Skin contact of 3 hours provides vibrant colour.
  • Fermented at cold temperatures of 14-16°C in stainless steel tanks to preserve the fruit’s delicacy and freshness.
  • Soils are a combination of lacustrine silty clay, and lacustrine silty clay over clay loam till.


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The Soldier's Wife Sauvignon Blanc 2023 



Our first known male ancestor in Canada fought with Butler’s Rangers during the American Rebellion and was both a bugle boy and a translator (being half Iroquois). Heroic as he was, his wife bore 14 children, which is why we honour her with this wine and not him.


Winemaker's Notes


  • 100% Sauvignon Blanc
  • Fruit was picked at optimal maturity, ensuring bright fresh aromatics and flavours
  • Cool fermented and aged in stainless steel
  • Soils are a combination of lacustrine silty clay, and lacustrine silty clay over clay loam till.


The Bootlegger Baco Noir 2022



During Prohibition airplanes would visit the estate to collect whiskey and wine made in local barns. A throw-back to times gone by, this high-flying wine is ripe and juicy.


Winemaker's Notes


  • The grapes were harvested in late September.
  • 20% barrel aged in 100% American oak.
  • 80% aged in stainless steel tanks to create the perfect balance between oak and fruit.


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The Goat Lady Chardonnay 2022



This wine is named after Marion who kept goats next to the vineyard when the Speck Bros. were children. Marion fed their dog Boswell warm bowls of fresh goats' milk and it didn't take long for him to abandon them and move in with her. A creamy rich Chardonnay that keeps you coming back for more.


Winemaker's Notes


  • 100% Chardonnay.
  • Fermented and aged in American oak for 7 months.
  • Partial malolactic fermentation produces a creamy rich mouthfeel while maintaining freshness.


The Padré Cabernet-Merlot 2022


Before starting a winery with his three sons, Paul Speck Sr. was a 'Padré'. This wine is made in his honour. A luscious and full red too sinful to be served in church.


Winemaker's Notes

  • 100% barrel aged for 16 months.
  • 60% French oak barrels and 40% American oak barrels.
  • A mixture of new and older oak.


Padre Resize

*Vintages subject to change without notice.


The Bootlegger Baco Noir

"The 2019 Speck Brothers Family Tree “The Bootlegger” Baco Noir exudes warm aromas of muddled blackberries and roasted mushroom before slipping over the palate with admirable purity of fruit. Lifted flavours flit from blackberries and raspberries to earthier allusions of mushroom, sweet tobacco and granite before leaving a dash of white pepper and sea salt on this finish. This well-made, complex wine hangs together beautifully and offers much pleasure for a low price."

Rating: 93 Points

Carolyn Evans Hammond, The Toronto Star

The Goat Lady Chardonnay

“A beautiful, bright and vibrant Chardonnay. This wine has undergone partial malolactic fermentation contributing to a creamy texture, but still with a lot of vibrant, fresh fruit. Aromas of golden apple and pear with a hint of honey, Medium+ bodied on the palate, with great balance of fruit, acidity, and creaminess. All this at an excellent price too! Enjoy with scallops or any rich seafood, or classic herb-roasted chicken.”

Rating: 91pts

Jennifer Havers, nataliemaclean.com

The Padré Cabernet-Merlot

"A seriously gorgeous Niagara red wine blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes. This wine was matured for 16 months in French and American oak barrels. Aromas of black fruit and smoke. Perfect for grilled meats.."

Rating: 92pts

Natalie Maclean, nataliemaclean.com

The Merry Widow Rosé

“From Ontario, the 2021 Speck Brothers Family Tree “The Merry Widow” Rosé, VQA Niagara Peninsula (LCBO, Winery $16.95) tastes vivid and keen to please. It’s an immediate crush of crunchy red berries on the nose and palate that steams in full-tilt and singular before fanning out with sliced red plum, a hint of sunlit straw and then — and this is the fun bit — a long, savoury note of dark chocolate that persists. Pour this light, crisp rosé with duck confit, or with duck breast cooked sous vide then pan-seared for something special when company comes around or when you’re feeling inspired.”

Rating: 92pts

Carolyn Evans Hammond, Toronto Star

The Soldier's Wife Sauvignon Blanc

“Bright, palest straw in colour; guava and passionfruit nose; medium-bodied, dry, elegant, grapefruit and lemon flavours, beautifully balanced and crisp”

Rating: 90pts

Tony Aspler


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